CWMALLS World’s Games Sharing And Review Series — Hitman 3 Will Give Players Special Shortcuts Through Levels

Hitman 3 is bringing a new shortcut feature to the third-person stealth shooter. “Persistent shortcuts” will reward players for exploring the sequel’s various maps by unlocking permanent shortcuts that give players new ways to approach their assassinations.

These shortcuts are only available by searching for hidden secrets in levels–players will find things like unlockable ladders that’ll open up new pathways they’ll be able to use in future playthroughs. Each shortcut can only be unlocked from one side, so it’ll take some investigative work to find out how to access them.

Game Informer showcased one of these shortcuts from the Dubai level of Hitman 3 in a short video.

IO Interactive hopes this will encourage experimentation, exploration, and replayability for Hitman 3 when it launches on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4 on January 20. It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch through cloud gaming. It’ll be an Epic Games Store timed exclusive on PC.

You can check out the first cinematic for Hitman 3, the final game in the new Hitman trilogy, ahead of its launch this month. You may want to finish the first two games if you haven’t already. This trailer will spoil some of the story from those games. Levels from the first two games will be playable in Hitman 3 as well.



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