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God of War for PS4

God of War is one of PlayStation's most-beloved exclusive series. From its roots on PS2 to its evolution on PS3 and PSP, fans have...

April 25,2018

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlandshas received a new live-action trailer, showing off some sniping action, plus a cat.The vide...

January 09,2017


Gearbox Software has announced it is partnering with People Can Fly to re-release Bulletstorm, the Polish studio's over the top first-person shooter.

December 02,2016

New Halo Wars 2

This weekend at RTX, 343 Industries released a new trailer for 2017's Halo Wars 2 and announced the latest feature...

July 05,2016

Warcraft 3 New Update

Warcraft III's 1.27a update is out now and the patch notes have popped up in Blizzard's forums. Like the Diablo II patch before it...

March 16,2016
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  • ReCore

    From the creators of the hottest mess of 2016 comes another promising but ultimately disappointing action game...

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